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Our Remitter Business

Serendib Financial Services offers the following benefits:

  • Unbeatable exchange rates
  • Low transaction fees
  • Same day money transfers*
  • Open NRFC accounts/ deposit and withdrawal can be done through Serendib

How do I register?

Call us today to get a KYC form so you can register. Or you can come by our office and complete the form. The process takes a matter of minutes and you’ll be sending money in no time. 

To register, the customer needs to provide following documents:

  1. Certified copies of Australian Driving license and Passport – We verify your details through VEDA.
  2. Proof of residential address – a copy of utility bill.
  3. Completed KYC form

* The same day fund transfer facility is available only when we receive realised funds  into our bank accounts and same day fund transfer facility is not available for NRFC accounts. Please see our terms & conditions for more details.