Serendib Financial Services

Welcome to Serendib Financial Services

Fast, reliable, easy and secure money transferring to Sri Lanka. We are providing service more than 10, 000 customers Australia wide.

We are a remittance provider based in Noble Park, in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs. For over 23 years we have provided customers the opportunity to remit money to their loved ones in Sri Lanka through Bank of Ceylon. We provide competitive market rates with 100% guaranteed delivery of your funds and superior customer service.

Call us Today on 03 9574 1100 to get the current exchange rate

We will still be open to provide you remittance services. While our office will be closed, you will be able to transfer funds online and call/email us to complete their transactions.

All phones will be monitored but keep in mind there may be delays as there will only be one employee. In addition to this there will be no same day find transfer facility during this lockdown. All transactions will be credited the following day unless advised. 

For urgent inquiries during business hours call 0449 137 414.  

Demand a Stop to the Closure of Remittance Industry Accounts in Australia.

Please support us in this battle to continue our remittance services in Australia. The major banks in Australia are trying to shut down all small remitters, denying them access to bank accounts. This is not what we need, especially during this pandemic. Click on the link below to sign the petition. This is a time where we need your help. 

Click here to sign the petition.